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Alternative Medicine ~ Quantum Genomic search HLA_B CoVid: remote view shield ~ • Tibetan Medicine • Thai Medicine ~ Scientifically accredited source: Academician Tiberino Correspondent 13 De­c, 2002 of Pontifical Academy Tiberina.
Aesculapius Award ONG 'UN (O.N.U.) OIPC Geneva (Swiss 1996)  

Anti Age ~ Art Supreme Healer Reiki ~ Meridians ~ Meditation ~ NRG BioEnergo Radiant. 


Doctor Osteopathic Medicine major posturology

.   Posturology (the study of the relat­ionships between body posture and some pain pathologies from an incorrect posture on the thr­ee axes of space).

.   Kinesiology: solut­ion for cross and overlap nerves and muscle 


.   Alkaline nutrition against osteoporosis. Vitamin support.

.   Osteoarthritis, osteophytes, abnormally calcium salts deposited on the bones (Transdermal method).

.   Iridology

.   Science Pathologist (Naturopathy)

1.  Clinical advisor: equipment.

2.  Anti-aging Laser skin care device.  Application, care.

a)  Incident scars, aging wrinkles

d)  Painkiller for many deep pain pathologies.

3.  Mesotherapy Bio-solutions.

4.  Natural sciences pathologist, biochemistry natural care Thai Medicine. Orthomolecular Medicine.

5.  Muscle pain session. HF device as a high-frequency transcutaneous analgesic.


• 6.  Reiki on DANTIAN (Baihui) : phosphor led color spectrum on 5 Dajtian corresponding energy centers.

• 7.  Stimulating on 27 Meridians.

• 8.  Improvment on the Epiphysis gland.

• 9.  Stimulation of the pineal gland Hypophysis.

• 10. Meditation on the senses: stage (in water) Mantra.


• 11. Fundamental existential questions. Doctor of the spirit Quantum path: Bio~energo Radiant - Numerology - Radionics


The fundamental characteristic of quantum mechanics describes radiation and matter both as a wave phenomenon and as a particle entity unlike classical mechanics, where for example the light is described only as a wave or the electron only as a particle. (Wikipedia).


Quantum path session: Reiki on DANTIAN Baihui  with 

phosphor led color spectrum on 5 corresponding energy centers.

Stimulating on 36 Meridians  


Key regenerative re_load


Stimulation on 8 Chakras  with phosphor led color spectrum Tibetan Chakra centers:

•• price for n. 1 multi_sessions € 1000 ••


The Quantum modern science has now found that humans are not just a physical body moving energy. Each human being is a multidimensional "ENERGY BEING" with its own unique subtle Light Body which controls, governs and conditions the external physical body.

Our body is created of multidimensional energetics, composed of different subtle bodies of energy / consciousness that surround and permeate the physical body. In this context we will use the term "Body of Light".


Established in Thailand in 2009 provides Companies the development of the start-up plans and evolving corporate system. Life Super is concerned with the sport nutrition, health care of the Elderly, Monks, in terms of health.

Formulas available:

• Painkiller reliever Bio essence eV9

• Anti Age Bio essence eV12+

• Bio essence Vu. Zen

• Transdermal essence AmiAciActive (AAA) regenerative (Cartilagen)


Language of contact: English, Thai, Chinese