Advices & Consults

Dr. Marco Bini is working for Clinics and Hospitals, both locally and internationally. 

Formulas available: 

• Painkiller reliever Bio essence eV9 

• Anti Age Bio essence eV12+ 

• Bio essence Vu. Zen 

• Transdermal essence AmiAciActive (AAA) regenerative (Caritilagen) 

• Erection adjuvant Essence & HF. 

Senior Consultant Since 1987

Aesculapius Award ONG 'UN (O.N.U.) OIPC Geneva (Swiss) 1996)­.​

Academician Tiberino Correspondent 13 De­c, 2002 of Pontifical Academy Tiberina

Volunteer Thai Governative Hospital Center Kh­ua Mung since October 7, 2015

Health Advices & Consultants

1. Doctor Osteopathic Medicine major posturology
.   Posturology (the study of the relat­ionships between body posture and some pain pathologies from an incorrect posture on the thr­ee axes of space).
.   Kinesiology: solut­ion for cross and overlap nerves and muscle contract­ure.
.   Alkaline nutrition against osteoporosis. Vitamin support.
.   Osteoarthritis, osteophytes, abnormally calcium salts deposited on the bones (Transdermal method).
.   Iridological history
.   Muscle pain session. HF device as a high-frequency transcutaneous analgesic.

Teaching and training: ranking
1.  Clinical advisor: equipment, products, organic structure.
2.  Development of SPA consulting projects, structure analysis, productivity and organic availability.
3.  Anti-aging Laser skin care device.  Application, care.
a)  Incident scars, aging wrinkles
d)  Painkiller for many deep pain pathologies.
4.  Mesotherapy Bio-solutions.
5.  Natural sciences pathologist, biochemistry natural care Thai Medicine. Orthomolecular Medicine.
6.  Reiki Chakra: 7 colors on 8 corresponding energy centers.
7.  Ultraviolet wavelength: immune stimulating therapy on 27 Meridians.
8.  Rebalancing the epiphysical gland.
9.  Stimulation of the pineal gland (Hypophysis).
10. Meditation on the senses: stage (in water) Mantra.

... Step by step I accompany my client by taking him by the hand towards every single phase of the learning process in overcoming their own obstacles.

Other times it is simply a matter of offering a turnkey service.
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price for 35 min. $ 900  

Freelance price for (1) hour $ 1260

Language available

• English

• Thai

• Italian


Established in Thailand in 2009 provides companies the development of the start-up plans and evolving corporate system. Life Super is concerned with the sport nutrition, health care of the Elderly, Monks, in terms of health. 

Language of contact: English, Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Italian



from Thai เชียงใหม่ sometime write as Chiangmai and was a former capital of the kingdom of Lan Na (1296–1768). Chiang Mai know as the second city of Thailand. Located at the foot of the majestic Himalayan Mountains. 



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